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Discover unique outdoor gear by LOGOS, a Japanese brand, offering a taste of Japanese culture.

These items might just inspire you to head out for a camping adventure!

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What's ATSUKAN ?

"Sake", born from the trio of rice, rice koji, and water, boasts a history dating back roughly 2,000 years, coinciding with the cultivation of rice in Japan.

Categorized into three main styles dictated by temperature—

'Chilled Sake' at 5-10°C,'Room Temperature Sake' at 15-20°C, and 'Warm Sake' at 30°C and above—each sip is a journey. 

With the ability to transform flavors and richness, it's a delightful exploration, all from one bottle of sake.

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Iron Craftsmen Series:

Meticulously crafted, this Japanese-made Iron Craftsmen Series embodies precision and quality.

Leveraging the impressive heat retention of iron, it achieves a lightweight profile through precision spatula processing.

With each use, witness the deepening hues and substantial feel, making every cooking experience richer and more gratifying.

With the ability to transform flavors and richness, it's a delightful exploration, all from one bottle of sake.


Comments from Our Designer

" Designed for compactness at 23cm in diameter, our product prioritizes storage efficiency and ease of use. No tedious seasoning required, making it ready for immediate use at your campsite."

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What's HANGOU?

"Hangou", the Japanese-style Mess Kit, draws inspiration from gear once donned by soldiers in the old Imperial Japanese Army. Its smart dual-layer design, featuring perforations for draining and steaming, offers versatility beyond just cooking—perfect as both a cooking companion and useful tableware. Embrace the flexibility of Hangou, blending military heritage with modern functionality.


Comments from Our Designer

" The main handle of our Hangou is meticulously designed for effortless lid operation even when suspended. Carefully tailored to a dedicated length, our aim is to enhance user convenience. 
The brass components at the handle base, left unpainted, develop a vintage charm over time, adding a distinctive and well-aged aesthetic to your Hangou experience."

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Tabletop Water Stove

A perfect addition to your dining experience. 

Crafted through a collaboration with resilient Bankoyaki pottery, our ceramic stove has come to life.

With a built-in water reservoir and a fire bed for igniting charcoal, this tabletop water stove prevents the transfer of heat to the table, reducing the risk of scorching. The tabletop water stove maintains a gentle, consistent heat over extended periods, allowing your ingredients to be slowly and evenly heated, locking in their rich flavors.

With controlled heat, savor a well-balanced grill without compromising the essence of your ingredients. Experience flavorful grilling made simple! 

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Outdoor Irori-Style

"Irori", a timeless Japanese fireplace traditionally used for heating and cooking in rural homes, holds a special place in tradition. 

With its classic square shape, it was positioned at the heart of the room, a gathering spot for warmth and conversation.

LOGOS introduces a modern twist with a grill (fire bed) at the center of the table, creating an ideal Irori style. 

Perfect for outdoors, this table brings fireplace warmth, enhancing your outdoor experiences.