About Us

Enjoy Outing!

Under this keyword, we are proposing various styles of outdoor life. We are a comprehensive brand of outdoor equipment.

LOGOS’s Message 2024

Equipped to that spark a conversation.
Bringing families closer, one chat at a time.

In 2024, our theme is "Chatter Logos." We chose the word "chatter" for a reason—it's all about creating products that you just can't wait to share with someone. 

Think about it, like that cozy sleeping bag, the tarp that's like a superhero against the elements, and the feather-light.
Dutch oven that's almost too good to be true.
This isn't just equipment, our products are mood-lifters, little moments of joy.

And that's the heart of it all: we're on a mission to make family time a bit more special.
Each of our products is designed to be easy, because we believe that things that are easy to set up and clean means more time for families to enjoy in the good stuff.
It's about items that become conversation starters and create those precious family moments.
Picture it—a mix of "chatter" under the open sky, making the great outdoors even more delightful. 
Every day, LOGOS  strives to make these heartwarming moments happen.

5 Meters from the Sea to 800 Meters above Sea Level.

All items in the family brand LOGOS can be used in this area.
Fathers, Mothers, Children, Grandfathers and Grandmothers.
"Enjoy outing" has been our valued motto since the start of our establishment beacuse the outdoors is where families can go and spend a happy time together..
What can we do for such amusement?
We constantly ask ourselves this question when manufacturing.

The meaning behind the maple leaf.

It might seem like our brand is a international. However, LOGOS is a Japanese outdoor brand.

Established in 1985.

We chose the maple leaf logo because, "Just like a maple leaf's veins that grows strongly in 5 diferent directions, we want our brand to be the No.1 brand that widens the connection between nature and people."

LOGOS will continue it's challenge.